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Capability Development

Everybody understand the value of staff training, if only someone could make it easier

Many business are pushed to be more efficient with the resources they have, whether that's for growth or just to stay afloat. We all know that better skilled staff are essential to help us achieve these goals. But whether it's time, budget or higher priorities, there are so many reasons why people don't or can't invest in training.

What most employers need from training is to know that their investment is going to make a tangible difference to their business. We're guessing you probably want the same thing? So you might be interested to know that when we asked participants on Capable Training workshops, their feedback was:

had learned things they could apply at work

felt confident to make changes at work

Just imagine 81% of your workforce with the learning and confidence to make a positive change in your workplace. Isn't that worth investing in? Especially if those changes resulted in great value for money, and training was delivered in manageable bite-size workshops to minimise disruption to daily operations.

At Capable Training we offer all of these things, with development workshop series that are customised to your unique organisational messages and strategy. We make sure you are an integral part of developing workshops so they support the direction you're heading in. You could almost see us as another member of your HR team taking care of your training and development needs.

“Polson Higgs engaged Otago Polytechnic to design and deliver a Management Development Series. They designed and delivered a programme tailored to our needs – addressing self-awareness, motivating and inspiring staff and thinking at an organisational level. The series has been delivered as agreed and in budget. Most importantly the presenters have maintained the flexibility to adapt presentations to cover areas of particular interest and challenge to the participants and provide an excellent learning and development outcome for our management group.”

Paul Galloway, Manager - Training, Polson Higgs Business Advisors


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At Capable Training we don’t just offer standard, “one-size fits all” training courses. We believe that for training and development to have a real effect on individual and team performance it has to be relevant, designed for your organisational context, and can be clearly applied to daily operations and your wider strategy. So we start by working with you to identify the challenges you’re facing today and into the future, then design responses to your specific needs and context. And if we don’t have the skills to meet your needs, we’ll help you find someone who can.

As a tertiary education institution we can also provide recognition for your team’s development through badges/micro-credentials or link to academic credits. Whatever the topic and whatever the tools we start with understanding your goals and capability, and our aim is to become that extra member of the HR team you feel you’ve been missing to take the hassle out of training and development.


Who are we?

Our expert facilitators have years of experience supporting individuals and teams to unlock their leadership potential. Find out more about our facilitators.


“The content was fantastic, and it was very well run. The team have a better understanding of each other and their dynamic as a team. Historically, they had been operating in silos, but now with the same people it’s working much better – the team ‘got it’. They have an insight into what we’re doing. Their relationships will strengthen so next season we will see an even better team.”

Leigh Stock, General Manager, The Hermitage Hotel, Aoraki Mount Cook


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